Ken Drew Town Planning


A wide range of services is offered, these include:

- Preliminary advice on town planning development opportunities and the cost and timing for the planning application.

- Briefing and co-ordination of other professionals sich as designers, surveyors, engineers, etc

- Preparation and lodgment of the planning application and follow up in Council to completion.

- Dealing with Referral Agencies such as Main Roads and the Enviromental Protection Agency.

- Dealing with submitters or objections lodged to an applcation.

- Advice on town planning appeals.

Applications that have been lodged by Ken include:

- Small lot houses to large townhouse and unit developments.

- Extension or demolition of houses in the Demolition Control Precinct.

- Alteration and extension of heritage listed buildings.

- Warehouses, industrial buildings and light industrial uses such as panel beaters etc

- Subdivisions, from suburban block splitting to large estates.

- Medical premises for doctors and allied health practicioners.

- New shops and extensions to existing shopping centers

- Sporting activities i.e. gymnasiums, driving ranges, etc

- Child care centers and retirement villages

- Institutional activities, churches, schools etc


Ken Drew Town Planning